Quantum computing has grown rapidly in the last years

Currently there are quantum computers and functional cloud services but it’s still in development. The stage that the development of this technology is at now can be compared to traditional computers in 1980s.

What will the future bring?

An effective solution to complex optimization problems will be hard to achieve through classical computation. This is because classical (super)computers are currently reaching the limits of how powerful they can become.

The answer might lie in quantum computers – a new breed of computers relying on qubits instead of bits and quantum mechanics instead of computer science.

Quantum Computers come with the promise of offering exponential speed-ups in computing power and offer a significant boost to current optimization techniques.



Artificial Intelligence


The case for quantum computers

Just like every other computer, a quantum computer needs software and algorithms that can convert a real-world problem into one that a quantum computer can process. At companies around the globe, people are building better hardware - better machines will allow to solve more difficult problems - and better software - new algorithms will be faster, use less resources and allow us to solve more problems.

Today to use a quantum computer you don't need to have one next to you - you can connect to them via Internet. This makes it much easier for people around the globe to learn and experiment with this technology. In this demo, the data about the cities you choose is sent to a quantum computer which then finds the best solution and displays it in your browser.

Curious how to program a quantum computer?

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Learn the basics of quantum computing

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